Okinawa No Bushi No Te

The Hands of the Okinawan Bushi authored by Ronald L. Lindsey gives to the readers a glimpse of the past when the “Bushi”, the Samurai Warriors, of Okinawa proudly strolled through the streets and castle halls of Okinawa carrying out their ancient duties of protecting the king, royal family and other nobles of Okinawa. Mr. Lindsey writes of the history and the culture of Okinawa that produced the Okinawan Bushi. He then goes on to inform the readers about the history of various Bushi and explains how their individual karate styles are being practice in karate schools found all over the world today. Mr. Lindsey describes in details how the Old Fighting Arts of Okinawa (Bushi no Te) differs from the modern Karate-do. For the first time in print many of the fighting secrets of the Okinawan Samurai are revealed. Lindsey’s knowledge about Okinawan Fighting Arts comes from his six Okinawan teachers and his nearly fifty years of teaching and practicing the Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito and the Hakutsuru (White Crane) styles of Okinawa.

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“The book is really awesome! So much material to digest; fantastically informative. It looks like a lot of research has gone in to the final production of this Book!”

Paul “Sonny” Johnson

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