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"The day will come when you will have to come to the USA to learn old style Okinawan Karate"

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    Our Mission

    Fighting Arts, or to be more specific Martial Arts, were developed over the ages to serve as a means of self-protection. Today however, it is rare to find true self-protection arts being taught. In most schools of martial arts only a fighting sport is being taught. While this organization is not against martial sports, it [...]

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    About us

    Sensei Lindsey began his martial arts career in 1963 with the study of Shotokan. He studied Karate in Okinawa for a little less than 3 years (1968, 1969 and 1970). In Okinawa, he studied Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito Karate and Kobudo under Seisan Kinjo, Hohan Soken and Fusei Kise. Sensei Lindsey was among the first [...]

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    Okinawa No Bushi No Te

    The Hands of the Okinawan Bushi authored by Ronald L. Lindsey gives to the readers a glimpse of the past when the “Bushi”, the Samurai Warriors, of Okinawa proudly strolled through the streets and castle halls of Okinawa carrying out their ancient duties of protecting the king , royal family and other nobles of Okinawa. [...]