Welcome to the International Alliance to Preserve the Old Fighting Arts!

img2We’re an organization dedicated to preserving Okinawan karate. While there is nothing wrong with teaching karate for sports, we believe that it’s an art form that should also be appreciated for its self-protection and discipline aspects. If you wish to learn more about the traditional martial arts we’re dedicated to preserving at the International Alliance to Preserve the Old Fighting Arts, simply purchase the book and you’ll see why it’s so important to keep centuries old practices alive by joining our cause and promoting our values.

The philosophies of our founder, Ronald L. Lindsey (also referred to by the honorary title Sensei Lindsey) are further detailed in his book, The Hands of the Okinawan Bushi. Sensei Lindsey is also available for seminars. Take a moment to browse our site and see for yourself why it’s vitally important to preserve traditional karate, an art that has, in recent decades, drifted away from its traditional roots, at least the way it’s applied by some other instructors. If you agree with our mission, we invite you to contact us for more information.

Contact Sensei Lindsey today or take a moment to purchase a copy of his book to gain a greater perspective of his philosophy when it comes to karate and martial arts.